Our Practitioners


Dr. Anna C. Peoples, PharmD


  • Norfolk Native, Dr. Anna Casey Peoples is the CEO and Founder of Peoples Pharmacy.
  • She is a pioneering clinical pharmacist with a multitude of skills and years of experience in the practice of pharmacy and business operations. Dr. Peoples has over 30 years of providing professional pharmacy and related services.
  • Dr. Peoples has represented Peoples Pharmacy on many platforms locally and nationally as moderator, speaker, author, and advisor. She is an in-demand COVID-19. Health and wellness media expert and has appeared on all the local news channels (WHRO,13 News, 10 Wavy and WTKR News 3).
  • Dr. Peoples personal mission is to help people get healthy, stay healthy and live longer lives. Her passion is to provide holistic care by incorporating natural medicines/herbs into conventional therapy. This is an innovative approach to the treatment of acute and chronic health conditions, using natural meds with very little or no side effect, working synergistically with your own body immune defenses.

Dr. Carley T. Moses, PharmD


Dr. Moses excels in clinical pharmacy with a broad background across various settings. Her mission is to boost community health literacy and patient self-care, promoting informed decisions and autonomy. Dedicated to nurturing a culture of education, she actively engages with patients to enhance their understanding and management of health, contributing to lasting well-being